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Civil Area

We provide specialized advice, answering your queries on issues related to aspects that affect you, as a natural person, from your birth and your family relationships to death and succession, in the same way the regime of your patrimony, of the respective obligations, contracts and civil liability.

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Area civil

In the same way, we play a strong role in the defense of our clients through their sponsorship in all types of civil, constitutional, contentious-administrative litigation and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as mediation and arbitration procedures, which includes the monitoring process from the beginning of the process to the sentence execution stage, drafting of requests, answers and writings in general, as well as our active participation in the corresponding procedures and hearings scheduled in courts, arbitration tribunals and entities.

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200+ solved cases

We have a trained professional team, with which we have resolved more than 60 cases.

6 main

Legal Practice Areas, with specialized professionals with experience by area.

5 headquarters

1 main office in Lima and 4 offices in the United States: Woodstock, Dalton, New York and Newnan.

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"They attended to my immigration problem efficiently, quickly and they always kept me informed, they gave me payment facilities, thank you"

Corporación La Colina


"Quality care, with very good results, it was worth the investment since I more than recovered my money since the ruling came out in my favor. Thank you so much."

Ana Panama


"First of all, I thank God for having found Grupo Cornejo. Since I contacted to request an appointment they were very diligent and kind. When I got the interview with Dr. Cornejo he was totally clear, friendly and precise. They are currently handling my case and giving me follow-up information."

Jhesennia Neyra


"Excellent staff of professionals"

Jorge Ibañez

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Grupo Legal Cornejo | Area Civil