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Corporate Advice

Advice for the incorporation of companies and the establishment of branches in Peru. This includes the analysis of the most appropriate and efficient corporate form for the client’s business and the articles of incorporation and statute of the respective company will be prepared.
Advice on all types of corporate agreements: capital increases and reductions, corporate reorganizations (including mergers, decisions and simple reorganizations) and others related to the corporate activities of companies.
Advice on the analysis and implementation of good corporate governance plans.

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Asesoria corporativa


Advice on the preparation, negotiation and/or review of different types of commercial contracts, using those schemes that are commercially favorable for our clients.
We focus on the detection and prevention of possible risks, evaluating the best solutions to benefit the interests of our clients.

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Corporativa Cornejo

Compliance and personal data:

Advice on the implementation of compliance programs or prevention models, or on their adaptation to the current legal framework. Carrying out internal audits and investigations to detect risks and recommend preventive and/or mitigation measures.
Implementation of personal data protection regulations, procedures before the competent authority and risk assessment in companies.

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Area corporativa


Advice on qualifying titles and compliance with requirements to develop your activity or business. Participation in different types of administrative procedures, including those sanctioning initiated by different entities.
Likewise, we advise on the procedures for the registration of trademarks and commercial slogans and on procedures regarding consumer protection and unfair competition. We carry out preventive consultancy in these matters.

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"They attended to my immigration problem efficiently, quickly and they always kept me informed, they gave me payment facilities, thank you"

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"Quality care, with very good results, it was worth the investment since I more than recovered my money since the ruling came out in my favor. Thank you so much."

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"First of all, I thank God for having found Grupo Cornejo. Since I contacted to request an appointment they were very diligent and kind. When I got the interview with Dr. Cornejo he was totally clear, friendly and precise. They are currently handling my case and giving me follow-up information."

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"Excellent staff of professionals"

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